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  • Cover Your Ears
    Cover Your Ears
    Categoria: Musica
    15 Puntate
    1.477 54
    Cover Your Ears…they don’t want you to hear this! Everything you ever needed and wanted to know about the music industry from the insiders! Artists, Tour Manager, Producers, Sound Engineers, Authors, and Photographers. Hosted by Brian Geller. Brian is the lead singer of The Atomic Punks – the tribute to early Van Halen and works in ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Drummer's High
    Drummer's High
    Categoria: Musica
    1 Puntata
    31 5
    In collaboration with EnterTalk Media, SABIAN President and CEO Andy Zildjian will host “Drummer’s High”, a new broadcast that examines the exhilarating state of flow that is unique to drummers. The state of Drummer’s High is achieved in the excitement of performing – it’s a combination of the joy of making music, the innate human ... Maggiori informazioni
  • EnterTalk Radio Live Stream
    EnterTalk Radio Live Stream
    Categoria: Talk
    0 Puntate
    19.099 0
    This is a live stream of pre-recorded talk radio episodes and scheduled live broadcasts about the music industry.
  • EnterTalk Radio Presents:
    EnterTalk Radio Presents:
    Categoria: Talk
    6 Puntate
    127 42
    EnterTalk Radio is your entertainment insider. We specialize in radio programming that speaks to the entertainment professional about his or her respective industry.
  • EnterTalk Radio's tracks
    EnterTalk Radio's tracks
    Categoria: Talk
    0 Puntate
    383 28
  • Going To Get Loud
    Going To Get Loud
    Categoria: Musica
    18 Puntate
    883 230
    Broadcasting Live every Tuesday at 4 pm EST

    Going To Get Loud centers around the challenges faced by emerging artists and how to get to the next level in a rapidly changing industry. We’ll tackle a diverse array of topics from getting gigs and marketing to putting a band on tour and creating a profitable business as a pro performer. ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Gurlz Talk Rawk
    Gurlz Talk Rawk
    Categoria: Talk
    54 Puntate
    2.642 832
    GURLZ TALK RAWK is “Where Musician’s Creativity, Finds It’s Voice” and when Gurlz Talk Rawk, people LISTEN!

    We provide musicians a venue to let loose, talk about their passions, their creativity and the drive behind their original or cover band music & shows. We dive deep into the music biz, spotlighting success tips and ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Intersect
    Categoria: Musica
    64 Puntate
    6.712 8.284
    INTERSECT is a radio interview program that showcases interviews with musicians who were once/or still are prominent Christian music artist, discussing how their encounter with Christ not only influenced the direction and intent of their music, but also the direction and intent of their individual lives. The shows will be interesting, ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Jackie's Groove
    Jackie's Groove
    Categoria: Talk
    193 Puntate
    38.686 19.690
    JACKIE’S GROOVE is all about Jackie Bertone’s world and the people who inspire him and those who he’s inspired. He talks with the player’s, players about the Music Biz ‘s “REAL “as only Jackie does. Prepare to journey through the rhythm of the music business with Jackie Bertone!
    Mondays @ 2:00PM PST

    interviews@JackiesGroove.com ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Making It! with Terry Wollman
    Making It! with Terry Wollman
    Categoria: Musica
    119 Puntate
    10.144 9.165
    Welcome to “Making It With Terry Wollman”, the show that explores the secrets, successes and strategies for making it in the music biz.

    In the studio, the classroom, and in my travels, I so often get questions about the creative process, so I created this show to focus on what it takes to have a lasting career in the ever-changing ... Maggiori informazioni
  • May The Best Brand Win
    May The Best Brand Win
    Categoria: Business
    131 Puntate
    2.623 7.047
    Marketing has its good points and bad points and depending on how it’s used can either build or destroy brands and companies. May the Best Brand Win will look at what’s happening each week in marketing, branding and public relations and discuss the good, bad and the really, really ugly. Guests will include marketing executives from ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Music Gear Talk
    Music Gear Talk
    Categoria: Musica
    43 Puntate
    1.853 588
    Music Gear Talk dives deep into the heart of all things music gear. We "Tech and Spec" out the best of the best sonic devices the music and audio industries have to offer. We get you the inside scoop on what's coming and what you should be checking out. Get ready to discover the gear that moves you.
  • My Jam TV On Radio
    My Jam TV On Radio
    Categoria: Musica
    6 Puntate
    440 35
    My Jam TV Radio provides a vibrant, bustling hub where bands and solo musicians showcase their music live on air and talk about their passions, inspirations, and aspirations. Music Artists are essentially storytellers and we invite them to share their stories, those that can be expressed in words and those that can only be told through ... Maggiori informazioni
  • NAMM's "The Music History Project"
    NAMM's "The Music History Project"
    Categoria: Musica
    56 Puntate
    6.995 324
    NAMM’s resident Music Historian Dan Del Fiorentino and co-hosts Michael Mullens, and Elizabeth Dale examine the innovative creations, evolution of musical instruments, the changing world of music retail, music industry icons, and other topics covered in NAMM’s Oral History program. The NAMM Oral History program boasts over 3,000 ... Maggiori informazioni
  • NAMM - Talking Up Music Education
    NAMM - Talking Up Music Education
    Categoria: Scuola
    147 Puntate
    398 209
    TALKING UP MUSIC EDUCATION is a podcast from the NAMM Foundation about music education. Host Mary Luehrsen chats with teachers, parents, students and community leaders who share stories about what they are doing to create music learning opportunities. Believe in music and subscribe today.


    MARY LUEHRSEN is ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Nebula Music Podcast
    Nebula Music Podcast
    Categoria: Musica
    69 Puntate
    608 345
    The Nebula Music Podcast is an interview series that teaches you how to build and grow your music career using social media and other creative ways. Featuring interviews from musicians and entrepreneurs that used social media to catapult their career to the next level, The Nebula Music Podcast will dive into actionable strategies to ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Pick Rich's Brain
    Pick Rich's Brain
    Categoria: Entertainment
    21 Puntate
    227 111
    Rich Redmond is an influential touring/recording drummer/percussionist based in Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California. His versatile, dynamic, and rock solid drumming is the sound behind many of today’s top talents.
    A musical showman in the spirit of Gene Krupa, Rich has toured/recorded/performed with: Jason Aldean, Ludacris, ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Radio Bandiego
    Radio Bandiego
    Categoria: Musica
    14 Puntate
    217 63
    With so many fresh and cutting edge musical groups in San Diego and passing through on tour, Radio Bandiego provides a vibrant, bustling hub where bands and solo musicians perform their music live on air and talk about their passions, inspirations, and aspirations. Music Artists are essentially storytellers and we invite them to share ... Maggiori informazioni
  • REKT Reviews
    REKT Reviews
    Categoria: Cinema
    46 Puntate
    801 948
    Movies and Entertainment analysis using the latest in beer goggle technology!
    With hosts Erik Geitner, Christopher Amarillas, Michael “Shark” Kmibell and Paul Berezetsky.
  • Sharpen The Axe
    Sharpen The Axe
    Categoria: Musica
    40 Puntate
    1.509 3.409
    Wood. Metal. Circuitry. Speakers. The base components of the equipment that translates the melodies in your head and hands to the audience. From checking out the latest innovative designs to finding out the backstory behind legends and classics, join hosts Paul Berezetzky and Eric Lucero as they explore the ever-growing world of guitar ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Sound Experience
    Sound Experience
    Categoria: Talk
    24 Puntate
    3.901 2.233
    Sound Experience explores the vast world of audio production through the ears of your host, mixing engineer and producer Tim Dolbear. Tim explores every aspect of music production while hanging out with professional audio engineers, musicians, and manufacturers who shape today’s music. Sound Experience is an interactive audience driven ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Changing Stage
    The Changing Stage
    Categoria: Musica
    129 Puntate
    9.164 1.237
    Welcome to The Changing Stage. This show is all about the music industry and the dynamics every professional in "The Biz" faces. We talk to the movers and shakers who define this business from "The Top Players" to the Gear Manufactures. Discover where we've been and where we are headed in this business called ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Vinyl Night
    Vinyl Night
    Categoria: Musica
    30 Puntate
    15.911 6.219
    The Vinyl Night radio show features some of the best and most influential people in the music industry. Each week will feature an intimate, candid and in depth one on one interview with drummers, guitar players, bass players, keyboard players, recording engineers, singers and producers. All of these great artists contributed to music ... Maggiori informazioni
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